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Renters insurance is one of the most affordable types of insurance available, yet many renters are relatively uninformed about how it works, particularly young people. We have multiple options here at Hanby to find you the best Renters Insurance in Rockwall TX.

When you rent a home or an apartment, your landlord is responsible for insuring the property against damages caused by fire and other disasters. The do not purchase coverage to cover you or your personal property. As a renter, you have the option of buying renters insurance, which comes with a number of coverages to protect you from the unexpected. Here is a rundown of what is covered by renter’s insurance.

  1. Personal property coverage. Think of everything you own. Now, try to assign a dollar amount to all of those belongings. Pretty mind-boggling, isn’t it? A renter’s insurance policy offers you coverage for the theft, loss or destruction of your personal belongings in the event of a fire, storm or other covered peril.

Having a renter’s insurance policy can even cover your personal belongings when they’re not inside your home—like if you take your laptop with you on a trip and it is damaged or stolen.

  1. Liability coverage. Life is risk, but that doesn’t mean you have to dig deep into your pockets or drain your savings account every time something goes wrong. The liability insurance that comes as a part of your standard renter’s insurance policy can help protect you if you are sued by a guest injured in your home.

Liability coverage can even pay for damages caused accidentally by you or your family members. For example, if your child accidentally throws a baseball through your neighbor’s living room window, your liability insurance plan could cover the damages.

  1. Additional living expenses. People rarely think about where they’d go or how they’d pay for it if a fire or disaster were to render their rental home unlivable. With a renter’s insurance policy, you can rest easily because this coverage will help pay for your temporary living expenses. This can include things like hotel bills to restaurants to other living expenses you normally wouldn’t incur.

The average premium only costs $187 a year, according to data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), or between $15 and $30 per month. There are also more options than people realize when it comes to your renter’s insurance policy. Depending on the particular kinds of coverage that are important to you, you can often pick and choose certain aspects of your policy.

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