Does having a dashcam save money on my car insurance?

Does having a dashcam save money on my car insurance?

The Short Answer: No

The answer to this question is no. However, it’s a great idea to get a dashcam if you can and have it in your vehicle. I personally have a dashcam in my car! It records every time I get behind the wheel for the entire duration of my trip.

The Hidden Benefit

Even though having a dashcam doesn’t necessarily save you money on your car insurance, it can record the incident that happens. So, if you have a video recording of the incident and you can send that to the claims adjuster, there will never be any question as to who is at fault for that incident.

Not From All Angles

Of course, if someone rear-ends you or something happens behind your vehicle, a dashcam wouldn’t pick up on that. The one that I use is a front-recording dashcam that sits behind my rear-view mirror. I don’t even know it’s there, and it sends recordings to my phone while I’m driving. As the videos get old and space runs out, it just deletes them.

Some Dashcams We Suggest

There are a couple of different types of dashcams that I suggest:

  • Nexar SCOSCHE NEXS1 Dash Cam -This is the dash cam I use,  it only records the road view
  • Nexar Pro GPS Dash Cam-This dash cam records the road view and cabin view
  • Nexar One-This is Nexar’s latest dash cam, they currently have a pre-order special on. It records the road view and has an option to record the cabin view, there is also a subscription to sign up for alerts. You can read more about it by clicking the link.
  • You can save money using our code-Nexar Code

In Conclusion

While having a dashcam will not save you money on your car insurance, it can help you should a claim occur. It can be a good record and indicator of exactly what happens in a crash.