Umbrella Liability Insurance

Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance

Safeguard your hard-earned assets and your future earnings with an umbrella policy. A Personal Umbrella Liability policy goes above and beyond, offering an extra layer of protection beyond your current homeowners or auto insurance policies.  Picture this: in the unfortunate event of a lawsuit with a hefty judgement, an umbrella policy will stand tall, protecting your savings, investments and your home.

Ever wondered if you need an Umbrella policy? Well, if you’re facing a situation where damages exceed your current policy limits-think home injuries, auto accidents, distracted driving fiasco or a motorcycle accident-it might be time to consider adding an extra layer of protection.

If you’re a business owner, a commercial umbrella or excess liability policy is your go-to. These policies are like a personal umbrella policy but are tailored to protect your business and policy exposures. Adding an extra layer of protection for your business auto, general liability and workers compensation, this policy is your business’s knight in shining armor.

The best part? Umbrella policies are budget friendly. The average personal umbrella runs a few hundred dollars a year. A commercial umbrella will be based on your business receipts, payroll expenses and number of business autos and properties.

Don’t wait! Reach out to us today for a quick quote. Secure all that you’ve worked so hard for you without denting your wallet. Because in the Lone Star State, we know how to protect what matters most.

Read more about a Personal Umbrella Liability policy on our blog, Hanby Helps:

Please note that we can only help you with an umbrella policy if we insure all of your personal or business assets.

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