Pet Insurance

Paw-sitively Great Pet Insurance 

Everyone knows we offer home, auto and commercial insurance. But did you know we also offer pet insurance? 

What is Pet Insurance? 

Pet insurance is a relatively new product that’s been out for about 5-6 years now. It’s meant to cover your furry friends when anything crazy happens. It’s essentially pet health insurance. 

What is the Cost and Coverage? 

Most policies we have quoted typically end up running between $40-$60 per month. They provide reimbursement for things such as accidental injuries, illnesses, behavioral therapy, some congenital conditions, hereditary conditions, ingestion of a foreign object, euthanasia, cremation and any accidental death. Like a routine dental cleaning, it will cover up to $100. It will cover up to $80 for a routine physical exam, up to $30 for a fecal test, an additional $30 for a de-worming and $30 for a heartworm test. Some of those benefits can only be used up to twice a year, but they are there and provided. 

Other things it can cover are up to $100 for flea and tick prevention, up to $50 for heartworm prevention medicine, $60 for boosters and vaccines and some coverage for vitamin supplements, etc. There is a 14-day waiting period for pet insurance. So, you can’t sign up for pet insurance the same day your dog swallows something in the backyard and expect coverage. 

Is My Pet Eligible? 

Any pet is eligible for pet insurance, between the age of 8 weeks and 13 years old. As they get older, the cost does go up. There are some things that are not covered, such as pre-existing conditions, cosmetic procedures, spaying and neutering, or any cost associated with breeding your pet. 


It is a neat product! If you have a lot of pets or spend a lot of money on your pets, it might be something worth looking into. Here at Hanby, we love all our furry friends and want to ensure they get the best health treatment possible