Golf Cart & ATV

Gear Up for Adventure: Beyond Motorcycles, We’ve Got You Covered for ATVs, Golf Carts, Dirt Bikes, and More!

At Hanby Insurance, we go the extra mile to ensure you are covered on not just the road but also off-road with your All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), golf cart, dirt bike, or side by side. There’s a common misconception that your homeowners insurance policy has you covered for these exciting toys. While there may be some limited coverage on your premises, it often takes a backseat the moment your venture beyond your property.

Don’t let a misunderstanding leave your prized possessions exposed. Whether you’re tearing up trails, cruising around the golf course, or hitting the dirt tracks, make sure you have the right coverage for all of your expensive toys. Our mission is to protect you in every adventure, throughout your entire life.

Adventure doesn’t stick to the confines of your property, and neither should your insurance coverage. Let us tailor a plan that extends beyond your home, ensuring you’re protected wherever adventures take you. Reach out to us today and le us make sure you’re covered for all the twists and turns of life’s exciting journey.

Hail North Texas

Wind and Hail Deductible Increases

Wind and Hail Deductible Increases Today I want to talk about increasing homeowner’s insurance deductibles, specifically wind and hail deductibles. North Texas, is notorious for wind and hailstorms. In fact, most homeowners insurance claims in Texas are related to wind and hail. The average age of a roof in the North Texas area is 8…
Welcome Jeremy Neill

Welcoming Jeremy Neill

Welcoming Jeremy Neill I’m excited to introduce our new Vice President of Commercial Lines! Most of our commercial clients are used to dealing with Candace and Tammie, who do a phenomenal job . However, because of their success, our commercial department is growing! A couple months ago, my husband, Jeremy Neill, joined the agency as…
Benefits of Rental Car Insurance

The Importance of Rental Car Insurance

Importance of Rental Car Insurance I want to tell you about the importance of taking out the insurance on your rental car, from the rental car company. Most people don’t think anything will happen when they rent a car, so they don’t want to pay for the additional insurance. But last month, when my husband…