Deductible Reimbursement Plans

Each plan has over $3,000 of potential annual savings

All Vehicle Protection Plan

1 YEAR - $169

  • Vehicle Deductible Reimbursement

    Up to $1,000 per lost, unlimited losses per year

  • Vehicle Repair Reimbursement

    20% up to $500 per repair, $1,000 per year.

  • Emergency Travel

    Up to $1,000 per year.

  • ID Theft Restoration

  • Warranty Vault

Home Protection Plan

1 YEAR - $159

  • Home Deductible Reimbursement

    Up to $2,500, 1 claim per 12 month period. 

  • Glass Breakage

    Up to $200 to replace a broken window at your home, 2 claims/year.

  • Home Lockout

    Up to $100 per lockout, 2 claims per policy period. 

  • Appliance/Electronic Repair

    Up to $500 per occurrence, max of $1,000/year. 

  • Warranty Vault

Bundle & Save

Get Both Plans
for $299

Common Questions

All Vehicle Protection Plan

To utilize the deductible reimbursement benefit, a claim must be filed and processed through the vehicle owner's insurance provider. However, for all other benefits under the All-Vehicle Protection Plan, there is no need to file a claim with the vehicle owner’s insurance provider.

Yes, they are eligible for up to $1000 in All-Vehicle Deductible Reimbursement. If their deductible is $500, they would receive $500.

The plan offers unlimited deductible reimbursements, with up to $1000 available per claim, and there is no waiting period for these benefits.

For the repair reimbursement benefit, there is a cap of $500 per claim, with a maximum of $1000 available during the coverage year. Additionally, there is a 30-day waiting period after initial registration before the repair reimbursement benefit can be accessed.

Each vehicle must be individually titled in the owner's name and registered for the All-Vehicle Protection Plan. It cannot be titled under a corporation or LLC.

Yes, this is a comprehensive restoration benefit. An Advocate is assigned to personally guide them through the entire process.

Yes, and the program has no restrictions regarding the age or mileage of the collateral. Additionally, you do not need to be a licensed insurance agent to sell this program.

Home Protection Plan

Yes, repair reimbursements are covered up to $500 per claim, with a total maximum of $1000 during the coverage year, and there is a one-time deductible reimbursement of up to $2500.

It does not cover furnace, hot water heater, air conditioning, or other whole house "systems". However, window AC units and appliances are eligible.

No. There is no reimbursement for preliminary evaluation service calls. There needs to be an actual repair made.

No, the Home Protection Plan provides benefits for the customers Primary Residence only. Seasonal homes, 2nd homes and vacation homes are not eligible for the program.