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Special Event Coverage Tailored just for you!

Are you in the midst of planning a special event and require insurance coverage for just one day? Look no further! At Hanby Insurance, we specialize in providing comprehensive coverage for one-time events. Ranging from glamourous galas and exciting car shows to lively concerts, heartwarming reunions, vibrant fairs, exhilarating 5k races, prestigious golf tournaments, and much more.

A one-time event is a short-term affair, typically lasting from one day to a month, and it’s characterized by it’s lack of a permanent location. These events are not ongoing; they’re designed to unfold within a specific time time frame, adding to their uniqueness and importance.

But what exactly does our Special Event Insurance cover?

  • Commercial General Liability: This coverage ensures that the event organizer is protected in the unfortunate event of injuries or property damage. Many event venues mandate proof of general liability insurance before renting out their space, and we’ve got you covered.
  • Host Liquor Liability: If your event involves serving alcohol, we offer additional coverage for liquor-related liabilities. It’s a smart choice to ensure a worry-free celebration.
  • Cancellation Insurance: Unforeseen circumstances life unsafe weather conditions, the non-appearance of a key speaker or entertainer, or damage to the venue can force you to have to cancel your event. Our cancellation insurance policies  provide peace of mind and it particularly crucial for corporate events.

Don’t leave the success of your special event to chance-complete the form below, and we will ensure you get the right coverage tailored to your needs. At Hanby Insurance we understand the importance of protecting your event, and we are here to make sure you can celebrate worry free.

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