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Since the days when Rockwall’s classic cars were new cars, Hanby Insurance has been a trusted companion for car enthusiasts like you.

Why let your stunning ride gather dust in storage? It’s time to unleash its beauty and take it for a spin! Our classic car insurance ensures that your precious gem remains protected in every situation, with its true value taken into account.

We understand that classic cars are often undervalued and pose risks when driven. But worry not! With Hanby Insurance, you can cruise with confidence, knowing that we will assess all the coverage options to design the perfect plan and policy exclusively for you and your classic car.

Our access to carriers that share your passion for classic and collector cars, such as Grundy and Hagerty, guarantees that your vehicle is cherished just as much as you do.

Discover more about classic car insurance in our informative blog post: “How to Insure a Classic Car.” So, don’t wait any longer – rekindle the unparalleled joy that only your classic car can bring. Get in touch with us today!


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