Do Hail Claims Increase My Auto Insurance Premiums?

Do Hail Claims Increase My Auto Insurance Premiums?

Hail Claims on Insurance

We recommend that you do your best to try to prevent hail damage from happening to your vehicles. Insurance carriers are taking a closer look at these types of claims for rate and eligibility. For example, if you have three or four vehicles on your policy, and all of them are damaged by hail, your record will show a claim for each auto that was damaged. Having 3-4 hail claims on your record in 3 year period may make you ineligible for insurance with some carriers. In addition, you may also loose discounts, such as an incident free discount. We understand that you have insurance for a reason – and we want you to be able to use it. We just want to make sure our customers have a full understanding of how hail claims can impact their insurance.

How to Prevent Hail Damage to Your Vehicle

Obviously, if you’re out driving in a hail storm, there isn’t much you can do unless you find a safe place to take cover. If you’re home, you have better ways to prevent hail damage. In today’s world, technology gives us a good idea of when hail is headed our way and time to prepare.

Protective Products

There are some neat products on the market that you can put over your vehicle to help lessen hail damage that can occur. We have a customer in our office who invented a cool product, The Car Armor, that can be put on your car very quickly. It helps to prevent damage from the impact caused by hail.  The product weighs about twenty pounds and since it is not not air powered it can be put on anywhere, at anytime.  You can purchase something like The Car Armor for less than your deductible.


We do recommend checking out The Car Armor or something similar if you can’t get your cars into a covered area. We hope you all stay safe this storm season and find these tips helpful!