Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance

Your Wedding Day!Wedding Insurance You’ve dreamed about the perfect wedding for a long time. You have spent months, maybe years, planning this special day. At Hanby Insurance, we can help you find the right coverage for your wedding. Most policies include coverage for cancellation/postponement, event photographs/video, special attire and jewelry, lost deposits and additional expenses. We want to make sure that your special day is everything you dreamed it would be, without stress or surprises.

What does Wedding Insurance cover?

General Liability covers the organizer of the event should someone get hurt at the event or cause damage to the venue.  A lot of event venues require you to provide proof of liability insurance before you can rent their space.

Host Liquor Liability: You can usually request additional liquor coverage if you will be serving alcohol at your event.

Cancellation Insurance: We also offer cancellation insurance should you have to cancel your event due to unsafe weather conditions, accident or illness, damage to venue, etc.

This insurance is important, and quite often necessary, for a lot of venues. It’s also an excellent policy to carry for your wedding! You have to balance so many items when planning your wedding, and it would throw everything off if something suddenly happened to derail your planning (and your finances). Complete the form below and we’ll make sure to put together the right coverage for your big day!

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