Is Termite Damage Covered?

Termite Damage

Lately, I’ve been getting questions from people asking if their homeowner’s insurance covers damage caused by termites. That’s a tricky question. Typically, your homeowner’s insurance isn’t meant to cover any type of maintenance or damage from a wear-and-tear type of situation. Most of the time, termites and pests are considered to be maintenance.

Looking Into Your Policy

Your policy says that you have an obligation to prevent any further damage. By failing to prevent further damage to your property, then you are nullifying your homeowner’s insurance contract. So, if you have termites and they’re bad enough to cause a lot of damage, you probably know they’re there and should be treating them.

The Standard Answer

Lastly, most policies – at least the majority of policies I’ve read – exclude coverage from termites and pests. So, the short answer is no. Damage done by termites is not typically covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy.

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