How Can I Get Discounts on My Homeowner’s Insurance?

How Can I Get Discounts on My Homeowner’s Insurance?

Rising Insurance Rates

Insurance rates are going up! Everyone loves to hear that, right? Unfortunately, that’s the reality. So today, I want to tell you about some discounts you can get on homeowner’s insurance to help mitigate those increases.

Updates Bring Discounts

The first one is any updates made to your home. Insurance carriers give significant discounts for new roofs, new HVAC systems, and updates to your plumbing or electrical. If you’ve spruced up your bathroom and redone the plumbing or you’ve had your electrical redone, let your insurance agent know. These could lead to big discounts on your homeowner’s insurance!

Myth: A Monitored Alarm System Will Significantly Lower My Insurance

A lot of people think that if you have a monitored alarm system, that will save you a lot of money on your homeowner’s insurance. Unfortunately, the monitored alarm system doesn’t save you 20% on your insurance like a lot of people believe. However, it will give you a little bit of a discount. If you already have a monitored alarm system, make sure you let your agent know. You could get a little discount for that!

Smart Discounts

Carriers have also started offering discounts for smart homes. If you have video cameras around your house, you might be eligible for a discount. If you have a water leak detection device that sends an alert to your phone, that can also lead to a discount.

Bundle for Discounts

The other huge discount would be to bundle your auto and home insurance. Hanby Insurance is an independent insurance agency, so it’s not always the case with us that having your auto and home insurance is the best deal. But about 80% of the time, bundling them together creates the best deal. Carriers typically offer 20%-30% discounts for having your home and auto with the same company!

Hanby Helps

In conclusion, protective devices, smart devices, updates and changes, and bundling will create the biggest discounts for your homeowner’s insurance. Call Hanby Insurance at (972) 285-0381 to see how you can save on your insurance policy.