The Importance of Home Inventory

The Importance of Home Inventory

Why Should I Have a Home Inventory?

When something catastrophic happens, it’s almost impossible to think of all of the things you had in your home room-by-room. Things might be out-of-place. So, when you walk in your living room, you might not remember that certain pictures were on the right wall and exactly how many board games were under the coffee table. You won’t remember exactly what you had, because things could be in such a disarray.

Creating a Home Inventory

We recommend taking your cell phone and videoing throughout your home. Do a 360° tour, pull out any drawers and record everything. That way, if something traumatic happens, you’ll be able to play that video and remember what you had. There are things you won’t normally think about replacing, such as all of the spices in the kitchen and old DVDs in the hall closet. Take a bit more time recording special or high-end items, such as collections. You can include serial numbers on the video as well. Save this video on your phone, but make sure it’s also backed up on the cloud, email or online storage space (such as Box, Dropbox or Hightail.)

Scheduling Specialty Items

Certain things won’t be covered under that personal property limit, such as jewelry, watches, furs and firearms. If you would like to have coverage for those, you will need to schedule them on their own policies.


It’s important to have a home inventory in the form of a tour video or pictures of your home. Hopefully, you never need to use the video or pictures and it just takes up space on the cloud. But if you do, it will be a great tool to have!