When to Add Someone to Your Auto Insurance

When to Add Someone to Your Auto Insurance

“When should I add someone to my auto insurance?” This question comes up often, and here’s the answer: Anyone who lives within your household should listed as a driver on your auto insurance – even if they have their own auto insurance. You either need to have them listed as a driver on your policy or they must be excluded from the policy altogether.

Loaning Your Car

What if you loan your car to someone? We’ve previously blogged about this question. If you’re just loaning your car to someone for a short period of time (whether their car broke down, they’re moving or something else) and they’re not a resident of your household, most of the time they’re covered under your auto insurance as permissive use driver.

So, you do not need to call and add someone to your insurance policy if they’re taking your car for the weekend or for another temporary situation and you’ve given them permission. However, it’s important to remember that anyone you loan your car to is also temporarily loaned your insurance.

Excluded Means Not Covered

Anyone who lives with you, regardless of their insurance status, should be listed as a driver on your policy or be excluded. If you choose to exclude them, they will not be covered to drive at all. Even if they need to run up to the store or if it’s an emergency – they are not covered. They should not drive your car, ever, under any circumstances.

Loaning Your Car for an Extended Period of Time

Let’s say you’re loaning someone your car for an extended period of time. They don’t live with you and you’re loaning them your vehicle for longer than a weekend. In that case, you should add that person to your auto insurance as a covered driver. You’re giving them custody of your vehicle for a long period of time, and the insurance company will want to know about them. Failure to add someone who is driving your car for an extended period of time and should a claim occur, there could be coverage issues.


So, who do you need to add to your auto insurance? This includes anyone who lives in your household and is not excluded or anyone who will be driving your car for a long time.