Roommates and Insurance Policies

Roommates and Insurance Policies

Our blog is all about answering questions. So, when we get questions more than once, we like to write a blog about them. Generally, the public is concerned about these things. One thing we don’t get many questions about but often comes up in conversation is regarding roommates and homeowners or renters insurance.

Common Misbelief

It’s often misbelieved that your roommate will be covered under your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance should anything happen. Generally, roommates are not covered under your policy. They need to buy their own policy to provide coverage for their belongings and liability insurance, if they are living with you or renting from you.

Parents and Children

Your renter’s and/or homeowner’s insurance policy does usually cover a one-up or a one-down relationship. This means, that if your parents or children are living with you, they may have some coverage for their personal possessions under your policy.

Roommates Need Their Own Policy

Your roommates are not given that same scenario. Their belongings will not be covered by your insurance policy because they’re not your parent or child. So, it’s very important for roommates to get their own policy to cover their belongings and liability. Your liability will not extend to them. It’s a good idea any time you’re taking on a roommate to make sure they have renter’s insurance. You want them to have the best protection for them.


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