Jeremy Neill

Vice President of Commercial Lines Insurance

Jeremy Neill

Meet Jeremy Neill

I’m Jeremy.  I grew up  in East Texas and attended the University of Texas at Tyler, where I earned a degree in business finance.  I’ve been working in the finance industry for the last 20 years, building strong business relationships and working to help small businesses succeed. I recently joined my wife, Erin Neill here at Hanby Insurance, stepping into the role of Vice President of Commercial Lines Insurance. I am excited to start working with our clients to make sure they are receiving the excellent service they deserve.

Outside of work, I have a lot of hobbies. I cherish traveling with my wife, exploring new destinations, and learning about diverse cultures. I’m an avid golfer, even though my score wouldn’t indicate that, where I find opportunities to continuously improve. Watching our two daughters grow and navigate life is among my greatest joys. They make me proud and keep me entertained!

I enjoy spending time volunteering and giving back to our community. Actively contributing my time and resources as a member of the executive board for the Rockwall Chamber of Commerce.  I also am member of the board for Rockwall Helping Hands, an organization that provides support to those in need, and the Rockwall Noon Rotary.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve and help others throughout my career and I look forward to continuing to support my family, friends and community here at Hanby.